Welcome, Twitter Visitor.

If you’ve landed here, you’ve probably come via my Twitter page.  Hi! I love Twitter.

How do I use Twitter?

I use Twitter for communication, to gain (and share) information, to discover (and share) cool things, and for entertainment (I follow some pretty funny people). I use twitter because I like the virtual community it creates.

I also use Twitter as my primary feed reader because my real feed reader is always so full.  I’m more apt to read a blog post when it’s tweeted than have the time to go through my reader regularly. (You’ll know I’m catching up on my reader when I comment on a post three weeks old.) So, tweet it and re-tweet it.  I’ll read and comment promptly.

My Twitter apps? On my desktop, I love TweetDeck. On the web? Brizzly.  For your BlackBerry, Ubertwitter or SocialScope (if you can snag an invite) are where it’s at.

Who do I follow?

You can follow me on twitter and I will probably follow you back.  I love to meet new people.  But just so there’s no misunderstanding, here is my twitter-following policy:  I follow people I am interested in. I don’t follow to get a follow-back and I don’t necessarily follow back everyone who follows me.  But what does this really mean?

Other bloggers almost always get a follow back from me, but even non-bloggers are my Twitter-friends, too.  If, for some reason, I’ve failed to follow you after you’ve followed me, @ me or send me an email.  It’s probably been an oversight on my part, like I haven’t checked the twitter label on my email recently. Seriously. If you feel awkward reminding me, just @ me to say hi or something. That will get my attention. Start a conversation with me. Twitter is about communication and interaction.  I want to talk to people who want to talk to me.

Who won’t I follow?

If you’re a spammer, a ‘bot, have the default profile image or are inviting me to view your nude pictures or sex video, well, then you probably aren’t going to bother visiting this page.  But I still think it’s fair for me to declare here I won’t be following back.  Also if you’re only trying to sell me something, I’m probably not interested.  And finally, if you follow me, but your twitter account is locked and I don’t already know you, you’d better contact me to say hi and introduce yourself or else I’ll just block you.  I’m a bitch that way.

Who gets unfollowed?

I absolutely do not believe that everyone I follow should follow me back. However, if you do long strings of “follow friday” tweets that essentially spam my feed, I’ll probably unfollow you.  If you only broadcast and don’t interact, I’ll probably unfollow you.  (You don’t have to interact with me specifically, just with people in general.  Even some big names with more than a million followers manage to do it.  Check out @lancearmstong, for example.) If all you do is tweet links or quotes, I’ll probably unfollow you. And if your follower-following ratio is seriously unbalanced (you have 972 followers but only follow back 23), well, that’s not enough to warrant an unfollow by itself. But if you whine for more followers, I’m going to have to ask “Can you say self-absorbed ingrate?’ before I hit the unfollow button.

For more general information about me, please visit my About Me page.

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