It’s funny because it’s true. Sort of. In a way. You know what I mean.

February 24, 2010

I need something to relieve the string of posts about snow, snow and more snow. (By the way… it’s going to snow again! Go figure!)  This coming weekend is the annual infamous Ski Weekend (at least there will be snow) and for the first time my little sister is coming. Yay! However, she’s coming without […]

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All snow and more snow make Jen something something

February 19, 2010
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Yeah.  So it’s been snowing for like eleventy-billion days.  School (meaning, for me, work) was canceled all last week.  And we’ve been back only on an abbreviated two-hour delay schedule all this week.  In the first week of the blizzard, I successfully left my house only once.  And then it started snowing again, so I […]

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Natural Outdoorsman

February 12, 2010
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And yes, this is what our driveway looks like at the moment.

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Sounds like…

February 10, 2010
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At the risk of offending people who actually like them, Crocs are damn ugly footwear.  And this comes from a girl who wears Birkenstocks with a love that knows no bounds. When we bought our hot tub/spa recently, we realized we needed all sorts of things to make using it more convenient and enjoyable. (Isn’t […]

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Snowpocalypse 2010

February 7, 2010
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As if the previous series of this winter’s snowstorms weren’t enough, Mother Nature just had to show us who’s boss again. I love this weather… as long as I have food, electricity, heat, and I don’t have to go anywhere.  So far, so good. My school has canceled already for Monday, since most of the […]

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Snow Day, er… Week, er… Month(s)

January 9, 2010
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This has certainly been the season for snow. Our first real snowfall wasn’t until December 5th, but oh, how the last month has made up for the late start. We live nestled at the base of a curve of mountains which create their own little micro-climate.  They hinder snow fronts from moving quickly through the […]

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Draft Dodger

January 4, 2010

Today was a snow day, so instead of going back to work after twelve days of Christmas Break, I found myself stuck at home, trying to complete the work I brought home but avoided for twelve days.  Taking a breather from all that, I thought I’d check out the posts I have in draft, maybe […]

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