Who am I?

Feminist. Teacher. Mom. Trophy Wife. History Goddess. Nontheist. Traveler. Avid Reader/Book Nerd. Procrastinator. Anglophile. Indie Music Fan. Hiker. Mountain Biker. Reluctant Runner. Pet Lover. Writer. Recovering Infertile. Caffeine Junkie. Chocoholic. TV Addict. Loud. Bossy. Reckless at times, cautious at others. Mostly fearless (except regarding spiders, sharks and zealots).

Word of warning: I swear. A lot.  Sometimes when it isn’t even called for. I’m sorry if it’s offensive to some people and makes them think less of me, but it’s one of many bad habits of mine.  It’s also worth noting that I have an addiction to parentheses. Other grammatical foibles of mine include overuse of italics and starting sentences with and, but, so, and anyway.

For more information about me, please visit:

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