So… July, huh?

by Jen on July 29, 2010

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Well, how about that?  It’s July.  And a July that’s almost over at that.

Short recap of the last several months: It was a busy hell of a school year and then with only two days to go, I fried the hard drive in my laptop.  (ThoughtIshutitdown x butjustputittosleep + tuckeditsnuglyintomybag = BAD).  Even when  got it replaced, I wasn’t really back online because our wireless router, well… Sweet Holy Moses, I don’t know what it was doing, but what it wasn’t doing was let us reliably connect to the internet.  Top that all off with my BlackBerry, which had been dying a slow, horrible death.  Like Chinese Water Torture, except I suffered while it died.  Died by tortuous, microscopic increments, none of which were emergent enough for me to immediately replace my phone, but collectively drove me slowly nuts.  I’d been resisting the necessity of getting a new phone because — aside from the fact that nobody likes change — I just didn’t have time to learn a new phone. (I use my phone to micromanage every aspect of my life.)

But here we are. And I’m posting this from my new Droid Incredible! I can’t make any promises that I’ll be posting more regularly (I’ve tried that whole promising thing before and it doesn’t work), but I will say that I hope I can post more often. I miss this place.

(Sorry for the lousy picture of my new phone, but it’s so shiny that the camera keeps trying to autofocus on my reflection on the surface. And I’m to lazy to figure out how to manually focus my camera.)

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