All snow and more snow make Jen something something

by Jen on February 19, 2010

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Yeah.  So it’s been snowing for like eleventy-billion days.  School (meaning, for me, work) was canceled all last week.  And we’ve been back only on an abbreviated two-hour delay schedule all this week.  In the first week of the blizzard, I successfully left my house only once.  And then it started snowing again, so I had to rush home before getting trapped not at home. It has snowed a measurable amount every day for the past two weeks.  So it’s been a little cabin-feverish around here.

Last Thursday, I spent over an hour editing a picture to go along with the Valentine’s Day meme on Facebook that said:

♥ ♥ In celebration of Valentine’s Day, post a picture of you and your significant other as your profile pic for the next week. Post this as a status update and leave a comment stating how long you’ve been together! ♥ ♥

This was the picture:

What?! You’re saying you don’t really believe that a shirtless Ryan Reynolds comes to Ski Weekend?

I think it’s clear I’ve officially lost it. It reminds me a little of this vignette from The Simpsons‘  “Treehouse of Horror V:”

But even more so, I keep thinking of the episode of Northern Exposure* where Joel thinks he hears a ghost and discovers that years ago a snowbound man killed himself in Joel’s cabin.  Below are the relevant parts of the storyline, edited and condensed (please excuse the black bars around the frame, I’m still trying to figure out what went wrong there):

“Alone… alone” indeed.

*The Greatest Television Show That Ever Was

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