If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that at the end of October, Goose had H1N1. Ugh. The tiny margin of togetherness I’d managed to accrue went out the window when I had to take time off of work to share in sick baby homecare duty. Couldn’t get anything done at work; wasn’t there. Couldn’t get anything done at home; was spending all my time comforting a sick, fussy baby. Up until then, I barely had a moment to catch my breath between my 5 a.m. wakeup and my 11 p.m. bedtime, my days a crazy mash-up of work, childcare and housework. Everything fell behind.

Then I got kidney stones. I’d always heard that they were as painful as childbirth and let me say, that’s a very accurate description. The pain was almost exactly like labor pains. Two caveats. One, whereas you can sometimes kind of “ride the wave” of labor pains if they come in spaced contractions, kidney stones aren’t like that.* Two, there’s no baby at the end of it all. When I went to the ER my second night in pain, they admitted me! I had to take off another day from work, at the end of the quarter when grades are due.

And so my hectic, sucking autumn became even more hectic and sucking. (Eloquent, huh?)

Luckily, there have been a few positives. Goose was the only one who got swine flu in our house. Amazing. After he’d been sick a week — involving a doctor’s office visit, an emergency room visit and two(!) chest x-rays — one of my doctor-friends offered to put Monk on a prophylactic dose of Tamiflu. (The hospital had already prescribed it for Goose.) Normally, I’m not for unnecessarily medicating children, but after the experience we’d already had with Goose — the high fever, the breathing difficulties, the associated fear, not to mention that healthcare providers treat you like you have Ebola when you get treatment for H1N1 (no joke) — we thought it was a good idea. My kidney stones passed on their own, although I live with a cold, nagging fear that it will happen again someday. But, best of all, this Thursday Hub and I are GOING TO MEXICO with friends.

We rarely get to go on fun grown-up trips with each other and without kids. Our group of friends does a long, couples-weekend in the Caribbean every other year, but I’ve always been saving days for maternity leave, or pregnant, or breastfeeding. Not this time. My mother-in-law is flying in to care for the kiddos while we fly out to laze on the beach and relax. For four days I want my only concern to be: frozen or on the rocks?

*Although, childbirth isn’t always like that, either. With Monk I didn’t have any space between contractions, so it was a lot like kidney stones. Until I got an epidural.

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1 Jen
December 29, 2009 at 6:40 pm

I couldn’t figure out how to bring the comments over on this one. I apologize to everyone who had something nice to say back here: http://negativelane.blogspot.com/2009/11/swine-of-09.html.

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