Couldn’t See the Forest For the Trees

by Jen on July 3, 2009

in I'm all out of clever today

I’ve mentioned before that we live in the woods. Our house is remote, in the sense that it’s difficult to get to (our driveway is half a mile long, steep and unpaved; UPS won’t attempt it) and very secluded (we have no curtains or window coverings in any rooms except the kids, and there only because they nap and go to bed before dark half the year; we don’t need window coverings because no one can see our house).

But it’s also not remote (what the hell is the antonym to “remote?” for Pete’s sake?), in the sense that we are minutes from a grocery store, from a nearby highway, from “town,” and not even that far from a mall. I drive only half an hour to work. The Hubster, less than ten minutes.

So we have a great balance between rural and suburban (I won’t go so far as to say urban, although I can get to urban in under an hour). We’re remote enough that people are surprised to find that we don’t have a septic tank or a well, but we are just connected enough that we don’t have a septic tank or a well.* (In fact, the only public utilities that we are too far removed to get are cable and non-wireless broadband.) I like to call it the best of both worlds.

My point — and I do have one — is that this summer we’ve been trying to carve just a little more civilization out of our woods. We’ve been in this house just over five years, but haven’t been able to really garden, or do any landscaping, or much outside at all, because our acreage has been, from my inexpert calculations, 98.666666666666667% wooded. However, a couple of weeks ago we (finally) paid an excavator to clear about an acre of the woods close to the house, so we are now only — again, I’m not a math teacher — about 93.33333333333333% wooded. But that, as Robert Frost said in one of my all-time favorite poems, has made all the difference.

Anyway, my sub-point here is that the past few weeks I’ve been busy dealing with a) mud, b) dirt, c) sticks, d) branches, e) felled trees, f) other organic debris, and g) yard work (like roto-tilling, grading, raking, seeding, watering, etc, etc.)**, which has resulted in h) lots of beer drinking after dark and i) being too bloody j) busy or k) tired to post.

* We don’t have septic or a well because of the crazee people that built our house, spared no expense, and then lived here only two short years before they sold it to us. Maybe someday I’ll tell you more about that wackiness.
**And ohsweetmotherofarnold we have about two more years of this to do.

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