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by Jen on June 2, 2009

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It’s the first day of summer break, the start of eleven weeks off from school. Since teachers sometimes get grief about having summers “off,” I thought I’d make a list of all the things I have to accomplish in the next eleven weeks:

Medical Appointments:

  • Doctor’s appointment for me to get back on my usual prescriptions (asthma, allergies, etc) that I stop while pregnant/breastfeeding
  • Goose’s one year check-up
  • Dentist appointment for me
  • Dentist appointment for Monk (first time)
  • Eye doctor for me: I need new glasses and contacts (last ones are pre-Monk in age)
  • Find a new allergy doctor for me, since my last one moved his practice (to the beach!) just as I got pregnant with Monk
  • Possibly take the kids to the allergy doctor, too, since I’m seeing some signs of allergies
  • Vet appointments for all the critters at my house (five)

Other Appointments:

  • Have house appraised as part of refinancing our mortgage
  • Make arrangements for the satellite TV guy to come; we need some upgrades on equipment, including another DVR (one for the master bedroom; the living room one is filled with every Jack’s Big Music Show episode, as well as a smattering of just about every other worthwhile children’s TV shows)
  • Find an exterminator. (Live in the woods and you get bugs, people. Lots and lots of bugs. Bugs of all kinds, some merely creepy but others that can do actual damage to your property.)
  • Have excavators come to give estimates on clearing and leveling some of the woods next to the house, so we can build a shed/outbuilding of some kind and also a playset for the kids


  • No, I’m not going to BlogHer this year. Bah.
  • I do have a conference in Washington, D.C. for history teachers, though. That should be fun in my “talk nerdy to me” way.
  • We are taking a vacation this year, yay! Friends of ours (who we often do weekends away with) asked us to go to the beach with their family for a week.
  • We’re also planning on starting to do some camping again, including hosting a kids’ campout for all our friends in our own woods.

Miscellaneous activities that I don’t have time or energy for during the school year:

  • Work out/run/bike. (Still need to lose 11 pregnancy pounds.)
  • Gymnastics classes for Monk. He took some last fall which he loved, but even making it there once a week almost proved to much for me at the time, baby and all.
  • Photography class
  • Photoshop class or seminar, possibly
  • Post-production work on about 3,000 photos I’ve taken since Christmas
  • Yard work: vegetable garden, general landscaping, clearing brush, cutting grass, ugh…
  • House cleaning: The whole house, basement to attic
  • Organizing: The whole house, basement to attic
  • Take sixty bagillion garbage bags and boxes of stuff to goodwill
  • Visit or have lunch with friends I never get to see
  • Shop for clothes; everything I own is either a) too big, b) too small, c) too out of fashion, or d) threadbare from not falling into category a, b or c and being overused. (I’ve hardly bought anything in the past four years other than maternity clothes)
  • Car maintenance, repair & cleaning (the Cheerios alone in my car would make a man weep)
  • Take just about everything to the dry cleaners, in stages so it doesn’t bankrupt me
  • Shop for school stuff I need for next year
  • Plan lessons for next school year

In between all this, I will spend a lot of time with my kids. They still go to daycare two days a week so that I can accomplish all that stuff, but also for socialization and swimming lessons.

Teachers don’t get vacation days to take throughout the school year. Other than summer, we can’t take days off during the week (other than sick days and three personal days for the whole year that we have to save for funerals or other emergencies). That means everything else that people in the private sector easily take a few hours or a half day to accomplish, we save up to do in the summer. I’m already booked nearly solid between tomorrow (first doctor’s appointment) and the first day of school in mid-August.

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1 Jenni June 2, 2009 at 2:48 pm

that’s a really impressive and expensive looking list. i think teachers deserve summers off and should spend them in Bali snorkeling.

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