Happy Birthday, Goose!

by Jen on May 29, 2009

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This morning, during Goose’s now-only-once-a-day morning nursing session, he bit me. Hard. Twice. It’s almost as if he knows that tomorrow, the milk bar closes for good. Poetic, no?

A year later and I still haven’t written his birth story. I do intend to write it, it’s just that I have no bloody idea what happened to my notes. The detailed notes we made sure to take so I wouldn’t have to try to remember all the tiny details. So I didn’t try to remember all the tiny details. And I don’t remember all the tiny details. I know the notes are somewhere in the house, but when we packed stuff for storage and moved other things around in the creation of Goose’s nursery, the steno pad they were on got packed away. It would be easy to find if steno pads weren’t my medium of choice for every list and note I write. So, somewhere among the 27,000 partially used steno pads in my house, are Goose’s birth notes. I am just. that. organized.

In lieu of an exciting, but woefully overdue, birth story or really any other relevant update, I’ll just post a couple of photos — you know: blog baby bling — I took last week of the boys in the woods around our house.

(Cherish the pics of my kids as the rare things they are, ’cause you never know when they might disappear!)

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1 Jenni June 1, 2009 at 9:28 am

gorgeous boys, and happy first to goose.

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