Work Ethic

by Jen on May 18, 2009

in The Boys in the Wood

The past several months have seen Monk’s imagination take off. Every day is an adventure of caves to creep through, animals to rescue (Thanks, Diego and Wonder Pets), treasures to guard, and various other exploits. Recently he’s also been assuming alter egos. Two of his favorites: Rocky (apparently a Rescue Hero, a video he saw at school) and Spiderman.

Tonight he came up to the Hub and I while we both were on our laptops, asking for one of us to play a video game so he could watch (don’t ask… it’s one of his truly weird obsessions).

“No problem, Spiderman,” the Hub told him.

“My name’s not Spiderman,” Monk said. “It’s Monkeyboy. I’m not Spiderman after dark.”

“Maybe he doesn’t want to risk having to go fight any crimes after dark.” I speculated.

“Yeah, I’m not Spiderman when it’s dark outside. It changed me back into Monkeyboy.”

“Dude, nobody likes being called out for overtime,” the Hubster commiserated.

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1 Jenni May 19, 2009 at 12:36 pm

haha! even spidy gets time off.

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