Thank you, Stars

by Jen on April 29, 2009

in Fact of the Day

I don’t generally have good luck. Which is not to say I have bad luck, either. I’m sort of neutral in the luck department. The last thing I can remember winning was a consolation bicycle pump when in fourth grade I entered the local bike shop’s contest for a trip to Disneyworld. And when people at work get a pot together for PowerBall tickets, I always pitch in. Not because I hope we win, but to make sure they don’t. This isn’t as as mean as it sounds. I got the idea from my sister-in-law who always does the same thing. She says,” I just know the one time I didn’t ante up would be the time they would win and then I’d be the only person left at work. That would be my luck. I know I won’t win, but by throwing my lot in with them, I’m making sure they don’t win either and leave me behind.”

But apparently the trick to attracting Lady Luck’s attention is for me to ignore her.

Last week while cleaning the closets, I stumbled across a bag of Christmas gifts I brought home from work last December, stuck in a closet and forgot about. Most of my coworkers and I give each other lottery tickets, because who really needs another scented candle or holiday-themed body lotion? When I get them, I make the Hubster scratch off the tickets because there’s always some complex formula to determine if you’ve won anything. Somehow it reeks of math to me, and we all know how I hate math. In the bag of neglected Christmas booty, I found a stack of scratch-off tickets and the Hubster sat down at the kitchen table to make quick work of them before throwing them out. (Because, don’t we always end up throwing them out? We never win anything.) After a minute, though, he called me over and said, “Hey, read these directions. I want to make sure, but I think you just won a hundred bucks.”

Which I did!*

As Jimmy Buffett would say, “Gonna thank my lucky stars” even for something small. It’s not the material value of the prize as much as it’s just plain fun to win. It’s the surprise, as much as the prize, that I enjoy.

I figured this was my allotted win for, oh, the century. You know, as in: now we return to our regularly scheduled program of not winning anything. Status quo. Business as usual.

For some reason, I’ve been incredibly busy the last few weeks, probably because the school year is drawing to a close (and… you know… ItouchthefutureIteach). It’s been hard for me to carve out even a few minutes at lunch or in the evening to have any down time. Usually, the best I can manage is a quick click-though of my feed reader before I leave work at the end of the day, just to try to stay up to date with all my friends inside the computer. Commenting, however, I really haven’t been able to manage. Therefore I was shocked when I checked in at Uppercase Woman last Friday before leaving work and saw that I had won her Yo Gabba Gabba DVD giveaway. I’d completely forgotten I’d even left a comment on that post. But I did. And I won.

No. Way.


No… really?! Me?

Get out!

Imagine that.


I’m off to buy some PowerBall tickets.

*I’m spending my winnings on some photography equipment to go with the Nikon D90 I got for Christmas. Probably a tripod and remote, since I want to take a photography class this summer. Or toward a zoom lens. Or

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1 grimsaburger April 29, 2009 at 3:03 pm

Congratulations! These kinds of surprises are simply mind-blowing. I still haven’t gotten over my Pioneer Woman D90 win.
Let us know what kind of tripod you settle on–I was looking at one of those Gorillapod things, just because they look so freakin’ cool..

2 Jenni April 29, 2009 at 3:16 pm

that’s awesome about all of your winnings. although it sounds to me like uppercase woman is more of the winner since she’s getting rid of the yo gabba gabba DVD.

3 jen @ negative lane April 30, 2009 at 1:41 pm

Thanks, guys.

Grimsaburger ~ As you can tell, I’m still on the fence as to what to buy. I’ll keep you posted.

Jenni ~ Yeah, Yo Gabba Gabba is bizarre, to be sure, but I’ve slowly come to appreciate it. The Monkeyboy loves it. And the DVD is of the Jack Black episode.

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