Saddened. And a little spooked.

by Jen on April 14, 2009

in I'm all out of clever today

I usually maintain radio silence on the weekends. Too much to do with the real people in my life to have time for those that live inside my computer. Yesterday, I logged onto Twitter and discovered that another baby had died.

I know I’d never visited his mother Shana’s blog before, although her online name rang a bell (I’ve probably just seen it on Twitter @’s), so I don’t know much about Thalon. What I do know is that he is too young to be gone so soon.

And that the Universe can knock it the fuck off right now.

Have you heard the expression “deaths always come in threes?” I first learned this in a novel I read as a teenager. The title escapes me right now, but the same novel can also be credited for giving me an almost unnaturally high fear of SIDS. So, thanks, novel of unknown title. Glad to have known you. Not.

What is spooky, and a bit terrifying, is that this saying has held true for me in most circumstances. I’ve developed my own canon for this superstition; the group of the three deceased in question all usually fall within the same category or classification. If a close relative of a distant friend dies, then before too long, two more close relatives of distant friends will die, too. Or the pet of someone with whom I work. Or whatever.

I really hope it doesn’t happen this time. Hoping against hope that my stupid, stupid superstition doesn’t come true.

My deepest sympathies to Thalon’s parents and the Myers family. I am keeping them in my thoughts. Sarah at Whoorl has a PayPal link on her site to donate to Thalon’s family. Which I’ll be doing. Again. And then hope to never have to do anything similar again.

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