Zac Brown Band

by Jen on April 2, 2009

in Soundtrack of My Life

Ever have this happen? You’re somewhere that music is playing and find yourself singing along to a song, which is at the same time familiar and unfamiliar. Last night after doing some shopping, we stopped at a fast food restaurant to grab a quick bite to eat. As we were getting the kids situated, I found myself absentmindedly singing along to “Chicken Fried.” After a few moments, I stopped and thought “Wait… what the hell is this song and why do I know it?” All at once it came to me and I recalled my top Rock Boat 7 moment.

The Zac Brown Band was one of the bands on the Rock Boat in January 2007. Late one night — probably around 2 a.m. — I was alone on an elevator when it stopped to admit Zac Brown. As the doors slid closed, he turned to me and said, in his Georgia drawl with a smile on his face, “I’ve got a bottle of wine in my pocket.”

He did. In the pocket of his loose fitting jeans he had a full-sized wine bottle. It probably goes without saying that a Caribbean cruise based on the theme of indie music with dozens of bands in attendance involved a fairly heavy amount of liquid refreshment. And it’s safe to assume that both Zac Brown and I had each, separately, indulged a great deal that evening. So the incongruity of a bottle of wine jammed into the pocket of someone’s jeans was damned near hilarious.

He said it again, more, I believe, because he found it amusing than out of concern that I hadn’t heard him. “I’ve got a bottle of wine in my pocket.”

At which point I said, “You certainly do.” There didn’t seem to be anything more to say. We both leaned against our sides of the elevator (you know… holding the walls up) until the elevator stopped and we got off, going our separate ways.

I liked the Zac Brown Band when I first heard them on the compilation CD of the cruise line up. The ZBB song on that mix was “Where the Boat Leaves From,”* which seemed to be an appropriate anthem for the cruise and today remains one of my all time favorite songs. On the boat, I made sure I saw a ZBB show and was impressed enough that I bought their CD Home Grown. My favorite from that is probably “Whatever It Is.”

They don’t seem to often play out of the Deep South, but from the looks of it they’re on a pretty wide-ranging tour this spring and summer. If they come to your neighborhood, check them out.

*This version seems to be slightly different from the one we got on our sampler CD.

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