I’ve been darn near wholly-absent from the virtual world the last couple of weeks. Let’s recap:

  • Goose had a fever of 103.9 at 4:00 a.m. one morning. Anyone who knows body temperatures, like a recovering infertile knows body temperatures, knows that a person’s body temperature should be at its lowest point in the early morning.
  • The Hubster and I played Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock to see who was staying home from work to take him to the doctor.
  • Guess who lost won?
  • Not ten minutes before we left the house for the doctor’s office, our water went out.
  • Right after I dealt with a diaper explosion.
  • Our “neighborhood,” and I use that term loosely because we live somewhat off-the-grid, regularly has water main breaks.
  • Usually four to six times a year.
  • Yes, we’re somewhat off-the-grid, but we still manage to have public utilities, like city water instead of a well.
  • That’s why we bought the house. It’s the best of both worlds.
  • The doctor’s verdict? Double ear infection. Which is kind of like Mardi Gras and Christmas rolled into one. Except not.
  • The doctor also did a swab for RSV. Do you know how they do a swab for RSV? They take the world’s longest q-tip and snake it up the baby’s nose into his brain sinus cavity.
  • Babies love it.
  • We never had RSV at our house before, as Monk had Synagis shots.
  • Luckily, we still haven’t had RSV at our house. Negative!
  • While I was rocking/nursing Goose to sleep one evening, the Hubster was supervising Monkeyboy. To use a Bossy-style-ism: where supervising means letting him click “Mark All Read” on the open Bloglines window on my laptop. Goodbye, 89,752* unread posts! I hardly knew ye.
  • Monk also decided that his “Sit ‘n Spin” was really more of a “Stand ‘n Spin.” Which became a “Spin ‘n Throw-you-face-down-on-the-ceramic-tile.” Result: bloody lip and bitten tongue, but no lasting or serious damage. Minor hysteria at no extra charge.
  • When I have emailed any company’s customer service department in the last month, their response has been “Our solution to your problem is to treat you like you’re stupid. Not only that, but we also suggest several possible solutions that you mentioned in your email you tried already and they didn’t work. However, we clearly did not read your email and are merely trying to give you the brush off, so… your problem? Good luck with that.”
  • Our ancient dog has been limping which the vet says is either a) a soft tissue injury or b) something deadly. We’re waiting to find out.
  • Although I fought the good fight, I finally had to start supplementing Goose’s daycare bottles with a little formula. My huge freezer stash took a fatal hit during Ski Weekend. I haven’t been able to build it back up partly because Goose sleeps all night, which has k-o’d my supply and partly because, like last time, I have come to hate pumping with a white-hot intensity.
  • In fact, I should be pumping right now, but? Not.
  • I am unreasonably disappointed by having to supplement.
  • Unreasonable because a) It’s less than four ounces a day, b) Uh, I could be pumping right now if it was that big a deal, and c) I should get over myself and my self-absorbed desire for hippie mama bragging rights that at least one of my kids never had a drop of formula (that ship has sailed).
  • One of our cats has something going on with the toes on her front driver-side foot. It may be cancer, it may not. Again with the waiting to find out.
  • One of our late dogs had to have a toe amputated about five years ago because of toe cancer.
  • Is that as freaky to everyone else as it is to me?
  • Seriously? Two pets with toe cancer? If that turns out to be true… I just don’t know what.
  • I think I am getting sick now. I have that scratchy throat feeling.
  • There are now 50 days of school left. The Hubster will be out of town for 20 of them.
  • Are you any good at math? Because to me that seems like half.
  • No, it doesn’t. I’m not that bad at math. I just like hyperbole.
  • Except, really? It kind of almost is. Half I mean. Not really so much with the hyperbole.
  • So, what’s new with you? Because I lost like 2,766,543*** unread posts in my feed reader and I feel so out of touch.

*An estimate.
**Ironical. I’m a girl who battled oversupply and overactive letdown for the first six months and then dwindling supply and eventual supplementation the last six months with each baby.
***Revised estimate.

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1 Jen March 19, 2009 at 7:15 pm

Oh good grief you have been busy. I was wondering where you were! I’m sorry to hear about your pets…hopefully you will get good news on that front. I am with you on the pumping. I HATE IT. I want to toss it out the window as I drive home. So weird. I also had oversupply and overactive letdown. C would pull away sputtering so often because the milk was too fast. I am trying to figure out if C can tolerate cow’s milk by giving him yogurt but have been foiled by his high powered antibotics for a bad ear infection. I can’t tell which is the problem and I desperately want to give up pumping. Here’s what I think, as a working mother, you’ve made it breastfeeding so much longer than most so you should not beat yourself up over supplementing. Anyway, glad you are back and hope you don’t get sick!

2 Jenni March 19, 2009 at 8:00 pm

god god you’ve got a lot going on. sounds to me like you need a big nap. the universe needs to cut you a break.

3 ragtopday March 19, 2009 at 9:08 pm

Whew! What a week (or more) you’ve had! But you know, you have a sense or humor, or at least irony, which is sort of the same thing, about it all. And that’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s in my book! (Am I the only one who will get that?) (We’ll see)

4 Laura April 9, 2009 at 2:21 pm

Hey – I am a breastfeeding mentor and pumper extraordinaire! I have lots of tips for increasing supply if you are interested – get in touch!

5 jen @ negative lane April 15, 2009 at 10:14 am

Thanks, everyone.

Laura ~ I guess saying my supply is low was sort of a misstatement on my part. When I’m home and can just nurse him, it’s fine. It’s only that I hate pumping so much that I don’t do it enough to be able to fill his bottles for daycare completely anymore. If I wanted to pump more, I could build my supply up again, but I’ve reached my mental limit on pumping. Ugh. But thanks for the offer of help.

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