Notes from my BlackBerry

by Jen on February 12, 2009

in Notes from my BlackBerry

Blackberry Messenger rules. At all times I have several “current conversations” active in my BB Messenger. They’re hardly ever anything important, just a nearly stream-of-consciousness babble between me and a couple of friends, kind of like our own private Twitter. Often we just aimlessly banter back and forth, hopping from one subject to another haphazardly, amusing ourselves. One of the funniest people I know is my friend Beamer*, who sends me rants, info about new bands he’s discovered, links to interesting articles, or sometimes simply a photo of something odd or funny he’s stumbled across. Like I said, our own private Twitter.

Beamer: Off topic, I just saw a “Gore/Lieberman” bumper sticker on a street sign downtown.

Me: Wow.

Beamer: It looked new, too.

Me: They’ve been saving it for “the comeback.”

Beamer: As LL said, “Don’t call it a comeback!”

Beamer: Cool J, Not Bean.

Me: I knew who you meant. After all, ladies love Cool James.

Beamer: Word, Sista.

*Who happens to also be OldChristine’s husband and the Hubster’s best friend, just to place him in context.

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