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by Jen on February 3, 2009

in Fact of the Day

Anna over at ABDPBT has a great post up today about RSS readers and subscribing to blog feeds (go check it out). I’ve preached about the wonders of feed readers before, but the information bears repeating. If you haven’t done so already, get thee to a feed reader!

My reader is my life. At this point I don’t know what I would do without it. It’s like a roadmap of the blogs and sites I love to read; it helps me remember where to go. It’s an indispensable time-saver, too, because if I didn’t have it I’d spend more time surfing from site to site looking for new content than I would actually reading the sites that had updated. I use Bloglines simply because it’s the one I started with. (I think nowadays most people use Google Reader, but this was before Google Reader really took off. Also, I have several Gmail accounts for different purposes (one blog-related, one personal, etc) and I can stay logged into Bloglines all day without it interfering with my ability to jump in and out of my different email accounts.)

Anna notes that in addition to saving you time checking the blogs you read, feed readers are also great for helping you keep track of new sites you might be interested in:

Another reason for subscribing that isn’t immediately apparent is that it is great for those times that you stumble upon a cool new website or blog and you don’t want to forget about it. Just add it to your reader, and then you won’t have to remember the address or wonder what the exact name was the next time you try to find it.

I’m not suggesting you have to subscribe to my feed (although, really, what would it hurt?), but I am suggesting that if you like to read blogs and you haven’t done so already, you sign up for a reader. Now. We’ll all wait for you ’til you get back.

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