Adventures of a Suicidal Nursing Pad

by Jen on December 16, 2008

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Due to the sometimes exciting and always unpredictable condition of overactive letdown, I wear nursing pads for the duration of the nursing year.

I, of course, have a favorite of each style. For disposable, I prefer Lansinoh. For washable cloth (for breathability at night), Lana Wool. And for general everyday, Lilypadz. Yes, it’s a terrible name. (That ersatz Z.) But they’re very discreet — no telltale ring-around-the-you-know — and they’re washable and reusable.

A few weeks ago, as I changed my clothes upon returning from work, I realized I was missing a breastpad. I managed to lose it, I correctly assumed, during my last pumping session at work. The next day, there it was, sitting on top of a pile of papers on my desk, dusty & forlorn. Apparently it was found and rescued by a janitor who, although I hope he didn’t know exactly what it was, recognized it as an item of some purpose and usefulness.

I was glad it wasn’t gone forever. I have two pairs of Lilypadz; one old style (slightly larger in circumference, slightly thicker & slightly more curved) and one new style (slightly smaller, thinner & flatter). I prefer the old and this was the one I had dropped. I took it home and boiled it (one of the virtues of silicone), putting it back into service.

The very next day, both Lilypadz jumped from my pump case where I place them for safe-keeping while I, in the phrase that has entered my workplace parlance, “do my thing.” This time I wasn’t able to boil them — I was stuck at work after all –and choose instead to assume the five-second rule also applies to breast-wear. I settled for merely washing them in very hot water & anti-bacterial soap.

The next week, I not only dropped a Lilypad again, but before I noticed, I managed to run over it with my desk chair, grinding some years-old classroom floor dirt into it in the process. It looked mortally wounded upon initial examination, but again, ministrations with soap and boiling water returned it to its former glory. Amazing.

My Lilypadz seem determined to suffer a death by misadventure. In defiance of this evident deathwish, they seem at the same time to be as immortal as Duncan McLeod. There can be only one two.

What’s next for my Lilypadz, of the Clan McPadz?

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1 ❉ pixie ❉ January 7, 2009 at 6:19 pm

Nothing worse that overactive milk ducts and wayward nursing pads. Can’t they coexist in harmony?

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