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by Jen on November 26, 2008

in Workin' out

So, about my postpartum weight loss… Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Getting back into shape this time around has not been easy. After my first pregnancy, I experienced a fairly steady and easy return to my pre-pregnancy size and shape. By six weeks postpartum, I was in non-maternity clothes, by twelve, when I returned to work, I was in my “fat” clothes (one size up from usual). I don’t remember, but if I had to guess, I’d say I was in my normal clothes by the time the Monkeyboy was four, maybe five months old tops.

This time, at nearly six months postpartum, I’m still not in my fat clothes. I lost weight steadily at first and at my six week checkup I was at the exact same point I was six weeks after my first pregnancy. I thought I was going to be treated once again to a fun ride on Jen’s Quick and Easy Lose the Baby Weight Experience* But since then, I haven’t lost any weight. I’ve held steady at just-slightly-too-fat-for-fat-clothes weight. (Meaning I had to endure the torture of purchasing new, larger clothes in order to return to work this fall in something other than pajamas or sweatpants).

I’m really not justified in complaining, though. I haven’t done anything about it. My weight loss plan has been merely to stop being pregnant. Obviously, this laissez faire attitude isn’t going to work. I need to do something to kick my metabolism in the metaphoric ass, thereby slimming my literal one. Somehow, I’m going to have to carve the time out of my days to start running and lifting again, which I haven’t done since the summer of ’07 when I stopped exercising during my medicated cycles and never started up again.

Truth be told, I miss exercising. Since I do it alone, it has a meditative quality. Sometimes I use the time to watch DVDs of television series, either favorites I’m rewatching or new series I’ve borrowed from Netflix. Either way it gives me a chance to do something merely for my own enjoyment. As toddlers like to say, all by myself.

The most challenging part of this… well, challenge, is going to be finding the time. If I can do that, everything else should work itself out. (Go ahead, groan at the pun. I couldn’t help myself).

*Disney’s been trying to get me to sell them this ride for their theme parks, but I’m holding out for more money.

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