Why I use the term "Recovering Infertile."

by Jen on November 24, 2008

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This past weekend, Walt Disney’s Dumbo (1941) was on TV. I haven’t seen it since I was probably just about the Monkeyboy’s age, but since he’s been getting into the Disney flicks recently I thought he would like it, so we tuned in together. I didn’t make it past the first five minutes.

The opening scene is quaint. Twee, even. Storks fly through the night sky bearing blanketed bundles of babies.* Soon enough, we realize that they are heading for a circus. As each stork gently drops its bundle, the blanket opens to show a baby bear, tiger, giraffe, or other cute circus babe which is greeted enthusiastically by their waiting mothers.

Except for the elephant, Mrs. Jumbo.

The look of despair on this cartoon elephant’s face as she waited and realized she was being passed over undid me. Even though I knew what would happen, I sat there, rigid in my seat, until the ancient, tardy stork finally caught up with the circus train and delivered Dumbo. At this point, I exhaled and left the rest of the movie to the Monkey while I went about my business.**

Though my infertility journey wasn’t as long or difficult as that of many others, it’s still part of who I am. I hear echoes of it nearly every day. Case in point: I’m brought to tears by the reproductive struggles of a seventy year old cartoon elephant.

*Alliteration free with purchase today only!
**Not the greatest idea, as parts of it kind of freaked him out.

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