Why I hate NaBloPoMo

by Jen on November 10, 2008

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I know, I know… from the point of view of so many people it’s fun, it’s a challenge, it will change the way you blog, but I have come to hate NaBloPoMo.

From where I sit, it’s not that much fun. I have a just large enough list of favorite blogs that NaBloPoMo wears me out from a reading standpoint. Every time I open my reader, it seems that dozens more blogs have updated. It’s just too much to read every day. I try to keep up, but if I don’t read blogs for one day, I’ll fall behind. Far behind. It sort of makes me feel like blog reading is homework. I don’t want to feel that way.

Of course, the real truth about why I hate NaBloPoMo is that makes me face my own shortcomings. Last year’s NaBloPoMo? A bust by day ten. I discovered that it is virtually impossible for me to post on the weekends. (I’ve since come to accept that.) Also, November contains the Monkey’s birthday, Veteran’s Day, Parent-Teacher Conferences and Thanksgiving (which extends the normal weekend to six days!). NaBloPoMo? For me, it would be more like NaBloPomostweekdays butcertainlynotallofthem althoughItry thankyouverymuch. So I didn’t make even the pretense of trying this year. But the reality is that I do need to set some sort of blogging goal, because it seems that since the baby was born, I’ve lost my way. I’d really like to do a little housekeeping around here, upgrade my design, personalize my header or get a new template, maybe move to my own domain. Lots of things I need to learn a little more about.

(Wow. A post about blogging. What could be more boring?)

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