I spent today showing Obama’s victory speech to my classes, analyzing both the text and historical significance of it, and discussing the history that was made this week. It was inspiring watching Obama’s speech again and again. I fell asleep Tuesday night during election coverage and missed the speech live, although I managed to force myself to stay awake at least until I saw McCain concede with my own eyes. I was so afraid that somehow there’d be a replay of the 2000 election.

As happy as I am that the election went the way it has, I still feel the need to acknowledge that the glass ceiling still exists in the executive branch. Three times now women have been candidates of one of the two major parties*, within reach of the presidency or vice presidency, but it’s never been attained.

I’m also disappointed in some of the referendums that were held in various states. Although it seems like reproductive rights did not take the hit that they could have, gay rights were dealt a blow. Mark my words: this is the civil rights issue of the twenty-first century. I see Supreme Court cases coming soon.

So, although I’m mostly happy/relieved/insert-positive-synonym here about this election, I’m remaining cautiously optimistic that not only does our new found progressiveness stick, but that it continues to advance.

*If we include third parties, then I lose count.

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