Due to my recent bout with bad attitude and an even worse ability to focus, most political thoughts I have in draft will stay in draft. (I mean, who wants to read, at this late date, my thoughts about Joe Leiberman’s defection, the politics of school “choice,” and Sarah Palin’s ironically hypocritical stance on abstinence-only sex ed?).

Recently Cecily wrote about the assertion that, deep-down, everyone is ultimately a one-issue voter. In a way, I believe this to be true. For me, the issue I focus on is reproductive choice. It’s not that it is the only issue I care about — far from it — but it’s the issue I use as a barometer to help predict other parts of a candidate’s platform. I find that a person’s attitude toward reproductive rights is reflective of their general attitude toward other issues I care about: education, health care, gay marriage, women’s issues in general, first amendment rights, the [non]Patriot Act, civil rights, the list goes on.

McCain’s recent comments about reproductive choice during the final presidential debate speak volumes about his general attitude toward women. (This was just after his comment that “Sarah Palin is a role model to all women.” In what world?! I ask.)

Anything I could compose at this point regarding his politics on this issue wouldn’t be as articulate as what has already been written. Not to mention that the following women have personal experience to draw from, which gives their arguments more clout than mine would have. So to enlighten yourself, go forth and read:

Why No One With a Uterus Should Vote for John McCain by Julie at A Little Pregnant

Dear John McCain by Cecily at Uppercase Woman

More Wounded Than Eloquent, I’m Afraid by Alexa at Flotsam

And this, on the lighter side, from Pundit Kitchen:

In closing, I think that future candidates should take note: the use of air quotes in a political debate is destined to turn out poorly for the user.

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