Christmas in July

by Jen on September 19, 2008

in Soundtrack of My Life

This past summer at my nephew’s high school graduation party, I loaned him my iPod to hook up to his stereo when his music choices for the function were deemed egregiously inappropriate for the gathering (I’m guessing it was the obscenity-laced gangsta rap lyrics that pushed my brother-in-law to pull the plug). Apparently, my nephew just put my whole iPod on shuffle, as after about an hour I had to approach him to suggest he might want to monitor the music a little better.

Me: Because right now we’re listening to Don Henley sing “Please Come Home for Christmas.”

Nephew (scrolling in an attempt to find what he thinks of as middle-aged-people-friendly music): Thanks.

Me: You know, there are over 2000 CDs on there. Lots of stuff to pick from.

Nephew (settling on Red Hot Chili Peppers): This is fine. As long as it isn’t Jethro Tull. Or Christmas music.

Me: Well, ironically enough, I have a Jethro Tull Christmas album on there.

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