Overdue Olympic Thoughts

by Jen on August 30, 2008

in Everyone is entitled to my opinion

Two comments. First, if I were a twenty-something single girl and met a man in a bar who, when I asked what he did, told me he played for the U.S. Men’s Olympic Water Polo Team, I’d think he was fucking with me. And second, what the hell is up with the hairstyles on women gymnasts? The slightly- long- hair- slicked- back- in- a- ponytail- but- held- in- place- with- too- much- shiny- hairspray- and- five- or- six- barrettes. Why is is that none of these girls could figure out what an Olympic gold medalist and perfect 10 superstar knew back in 1984… that if you can’t have a truly neat and tidy ponytail, then short hair is the way to go.

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