Musical Interlude

by Jen on July 14, 2008

in Lowering the bar for mothers everywhere,Soundtrack of My Life

I’ve been so busy, so tired, and life has been so routinely not-noteworthy lately. The early days with a newborn make me feel like I’ve been deep sea diving; things are often dim and sound muffled and only very slowly can I rise to the surface, lest I get the bends. But real life is starting to draw me back. The Duck is sleeping well at night (in the last week, he’s pulled 6-, 8- and 7-hour stretches in that order) which makes me feel more human. During the day, however, he doesn’t sleep well and wants to nurse often. I can only assume this is the trade off for the night payout, so thus far I’m willing to accommodate him.

In place of a real post, I offer my new favorite song. I was never a Jason Mraz fan, probably because I was really only familiar with the song “The Remedy” and it just didn’t grab me. However, I heard an interview with him on NPR a couple of months ago and then caught “I’m Yours” on Sirius’s Coffeehouse station and was hooked. The Monkeyboy particularly loves this video, which contains waterfalls, the ocean, surfing and skateboarding. What’s not for a toddler to love?


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