I learned this when I had the Monkeyboy: You don’t need a full and complete nursery, with all the new gadgets, to care for a baby. Minimum requirements are: Some place for the baby to sleep (any secure, flat surface will do, but a selection of baby carriers are a great supplement), some type of diapers (your choice: cloth or disposable), and breasts. Really… that’s it.

Nonetheless, having already experienced the frantic “we’re-not-ready” feeling of a pre-term birth, I made sure that we did adequate preparations for this baby well in advance of my due date. (Which is tomorrow, for those that haven’t noticed).

We are ready for this baby: Our bags have been packed since the beginning of April and most of that luggage spends every day riding around in my car (I’m really tired of feeling like the Clampetts every time we venture more than 30 minutes from home); baby clothes are washed and ready; baby “equipment” that was loaned out has been retrieved; arrangements have been made for the Monkey to spend time with his Gram while we make him a big brother (I’d like it noted that I’m being very generous with that “we.”); even at work I had two months worth of information prepared to enable a substitute to be me (with the last day of school only three days away, that’s all gone to waste). There are a few loose ends to tie up, but overall, we’re ready.

So what is he waiting for?

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