Go ahead… ask me about my giant baby

by Jen on May 27, 2008

in Does this baby make me look fat?

Today I had another ultrasound to estimate fetal weight. The rumors of a giant baby were not confirmed, yet not wholly disproved either.

The tech was a woman about my age who I haven’t had before (and I’ve had a lot of ultrasounds at this imaging office). As we got settled and set up, she reviewed my information with me and told me that Dr. Maestro delivered the youngest two of her three sons (both induced) and that she loved our doctor. I asked her if she didn’t mind sharing the details of her inductions with me. She said they were both the same, both textbook and both easy. She thinks she was only about a centimeter dilated when she went in each time. Pitocin was started around nine in the morning, he broke her water around noon and her boys were delivered around four or five in the afternoon.

She took a long time taking measurements and shared information about what she could see with us, which was nice. As she took measurements, both the Hubster and I tried to see the gestational age estimates that pop up on the screen. They all seemed to be in the 39-40 weeks range; nothing extraordinarily large. The largest measurement was the abdominal circumference which was 40 weeks and a few days (I can’t remember; maybe two or three days). The head measured at just under 40 weeks (39 weeks and 4 or 5 days?); the femurs also.

The upshot? Using abdominal circumference, femur length and head circumference, the baby’s current weight is estimated to be 8 pounds 10 ounces. “Plus or minus half a pound,” the tech stressed.

This is good news. My gut has been telling me that this is about an eight pound baby, but honestly couldn’t be much more. I just don’t look it. Minus half a pound puts the baby at 8 pounds 2 ounces right now, which makes sense to me. The Monkeyboy was 8 pounds 3 ounces at his due date, which is about what I had estimated all along (that he’d be an eight pound baby). This estimate fits right in line with that. Based on that estimate, the baby is in the 74th percentile, which is also in the range where the Monkeyboy usually is. (At the last ultrasound, the baby was estimated to be in the 86th percentile!)

Of course, the Hubster was quick to point out that plus half a pound would put the baby at 9 pounds 2 ounces, which is about where they estimated at the previous ultrasound that the baby would be now. I told him we will not talk of such things.

In the past few days my confidence in my doctor has been lagging. I’ve been wondering why he hasn’t tried to ripen my cervix with prostaglandins and induce me if he’s so worried about this baby’s size. Then, over the weekend, I learned more details on the birth story of an acquaintance of mine, of which I knew only the bare minimum before (different doctor and hospital than mine, I should note): induction, pushing for hours, two types of suction used, baby stuck in birth canal, baby’s heart rate dropping, baby pushed back up and emergency c-section performed as baby coded, baby revived but suffered repeated seizures that required a NICU stay of a month and have lead to developmental issues over a year later.

This was more than a little bit on my mind over the days that followed. Yesterday OldChristine talked me down, reminding me of why we love and trust our doctor. “He wouldn’t let anything like that happen.” And just like that, I felt my confidence return. Silly, I know, but every woman I know who is a patient thinks the world of this man and his skills. And that speaks to something.

Tomorrow I go back for another OB appointment. I’m trying to keep expectations low, as I usually do, so I’m not sorely disappointed at my lack of progress. (But I’ll admit, there’s been a little clandestine crying after appointments these past few weeks). I’m hoping that tomorrow we can formulate some plan as to what we’ll do over the next two weeks. Whether I progress or not, something’s gotta give. I’d like to know what possibilities I’m looking at, if only so I can process them mentally and emotionally before I come to them physically.

At the end of my ultrasound session today, I thanked the tech for sharing the details of her births with me and told her I’m always glad to meet someone who thinks Dr. Maestro is as great as I do, because it confirms what I feel. “He’s fantastic,” she told me. “You’re in good hands.”

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