Maintaining the Status Quo

by Jen on May 22, 2008

in Does this baby make me look fat?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip. Zero progress. No change. Same as before. All systems a no go.

Dr. Maestro’s opening line this week: “Every time the phone rang over the weekend, I was sure it would be you. I even had one Jen call, but it was another patient named Jen.” And no one is more sorry that I’ve disappointed him than I am.

In related news, I asked the doc about the pain I’ve been having for the last week that’s over my right ribs in front (it’s different from the right side rib pain that I knew was the baby pushing, since I had the same pain with the Monkey). This pain starts as a tingling and works its way up to burning. Or, as my doctor suggested, tearing. Yes, that’s right: tearing. It’s the muscle tearing itself away from my ribs as the baby is stretching for room. Dr. Maestro said he had one patient whose muscle was so strong it held onto the rib and instead of separating from the bone, her rib broke. The possibilities just get better and better.

The rest of my appointment was hardly noteworthy. My weight is at 158 1/4, which is up 33 1/4 pounds overall (up about 1/2 a pound from last week, if I recall correctly), the baby’s heartrate was 140, my urine was “negative and negative” of what they look for (I’m thinking they look for the protein that would indicate pre-e and then whatever would indicate a UTI). In fact, the nurse commented that the sample was very clear and the PA said — I’m not kidding either — “beautiful urine sample… they’ve been beautiful the whole time.” What can I say? I have beautiful pee. I suppose I can be thankful that at least I’ve got that going for me.

Next week I have an ultrasound scheduled on Tuesday at 39 weeks 6 days to estimate fetal weight (again) and then an OB appointment on Wednesday at 40 weeks, where my doc will have the ultrasound results and presumably we’ll talk more about my giant baby. He also said he’d start non-stress tests next week.

Unless I go into labor before then. Which I’m not expecting.

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1 Valerie May 22, 2008 at 12:19 pm

oh no. I was hoping you were going to post that your cervix got it’s ass in gear and had started changing. I hope when I get home next week I see that you have had the baby.

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