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by Jen on May 6, 2008

in Does this baby make me look fat?

I spoke to one of my friends who not only is a doctor herself, but was induced a couple of years ago with her second pregnancy, her son, due to macrosomia. At her 33 week ultrasound, her son’s head was measuring 40 weeks. When he was born at 38 weeks, he was nine pounds. (Her husband had been eleven pounds when he had been born.)

I asked her about her induction, especially about whether she was dilated and effaced going in. It was a pretty standard induction; she went in the night before and they used prostaglandin gel to soften her cervix, then induced her the next day with pitocin. She said if she was dilated at all before going to the hospital, it was a fingertip at most.

When I mentioned the comment my OB had made regarding inducing me “if I was inducible,” she said he may have meant if the baby’s lungs were developed. I totally forgot that she had an amnio to check for fetal lung development before her induction. I wonder if that’s what my doc means by “inducible;” not so much my cervix, but the baby’s lungs. Tomorrow is my 37 week appointment. Since my doc mentioned inducing at 38 weeks, I’m sure we’ll discuss the options.

On a related note, I discussed this with my mother-in-law this weekend, who told me that the Hubster was 7 pounds 14 ounces at birth (an ounce less than I previously thought). What I didn’t know was that she was induced two weeks early with him, because she was RH negative and the RH factor “was starting to affect his blood.” (Although how they knew this in 1969 I’m not sure). So he was almost eight pounds at 38 weeks. Possibly a nine pounder if he’d gone to term. That information only served to confirm what the last ultrasound predicted, as far as I’m concerned.

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