32 Weeks

by Jen on April 4, 2008

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Actually, Wednesday of this week marked 32 weeks. I also had an OB appointment that day, and since I never posted an update after my 28 week appointment, I’ll jam information from both into the same post.

Most importantly: The baby is head down. (Isn’t this where I should insert a little “Woot! Woot! and then dance around raising the roof?) My appointment was with the Physician’s Assistant (PA) who said, when I quizzed her on the baby’s position, that it was a “very clear exam.” So it seems, for once, I knew what I was talking about. I now have one fewer thing to obsess about, so that opens the way for all new sorts of obsessions and fears to jockey to take its place.

I almost titled this post Vagina as Petri Dish, as I have another BV infection, also known in my house as the “Holy- shit- my- water- just- broke- at- 34- weeks- infection.” After checking the slide, the PA said that there was “just a little bit of bacteria,” not a full-blown infection, but that she wanted to treat it anyway. I agreed. Apparently, I am just prone to having the balance of my good bacteria thrown off. (Interestingly, the Wikipedia article linked above cites a “2005 study by researchers at Ghent University in Belgium [that] showed that subclinical iron deficiency (anemia) was a strong predictor of bacterial vaginosis in pregnant women.”) Luckily for me when I am not pregnant, these infections personally manifest as symptom-less, so they’re not a bother. Unluckily for me when I am pregnant, these infections personally manifest as symptom-less, making it hard to detect and treat.

Just like every time I’ve had it, the PA seemed a little uncomfortable telling me that one reason for it is “oral relations” (her words, not mine) and that the Hubster and I have to abstain from all relations (oral and otherwise) until we both finish our rounds of Fla.gyl. She worked her face into a sympathetic, “knowing” look and said “I know it’s hard.” I gestured at my huge belly and said, “It’s not going to be that hard; what he’s going to find harder is that he has to give up drinking beer for the week he’s taking the medicine.”

The third thing of note was that she did do a fFN test. The results were supposed to take about 24 hours, but I haven’t yet heard anything from my doctor’s office. She did say if I was curious and hadn’t heard from them, to give them a call (they get busy and phone calls seem to fall between the cracks sometimes), but I’m not all that concerned about it. Regardless of the results, it’s not going to change anything. If I get a chance though, I’ll try to call them later today just to see what the test said, out of curiosity.

As for the stats of the exam, I’m up to 151 pounds; that’s a 26 pound weight gain so far (at 28 weeks, I was up to 146). At both this appointment and the last, the baby’s heart rate was about 138-140. I neglected to note previously that I passed my Glucose Tolerance Test with flying colors (85), Oreos be damned! But at my 28 week appointment, after a month of iron supplements, my hemoglobin, which had been 10.1 when I was first tested for anemia, had come up to… drumroll please… 10.2. I know, impressive, right? So, although the PA said she was not worried about the implications with regards to birth (because I asked what they could be), she did send me to have repeat bloodwork done.

As for the internal exam, my cervix is still long, high and closed. Which, for the record, is exactly where I was nine days before the Monkeyboy was born and my labor with him was only 10 1/2 hours. As I said to the PA, “Dilated. Not dilated. It all means nothing to me. It made no difference last time.” She agreed, saying, “You’re right… every woman is different.” The baby is at about a -3 station, which I can’t compare to that same appointment from the Monkey’s pregnancy because I don’t remember her commenting on it, but it’s pretty high. However, everything I’ve read says that subsequent babies often don’t engage until labor starts.

Instead of coming back in two weeks, I will starting weekly appointments now. So next Wednesday, back I go. I keep thinking, “not that it matters…” It’s not pessimism on my part, though, it’s that I’m sort of at a Zen place with it all now. 32 weeks was a milestone I had in my head, that once I reached it, things would be okay. After all, at 34 and a half weeks, the Monkey did damn near fantastic. If this baby were to be born at the same gestational point the Monkey was, it would come on April 21. I think that, mentally at least, I’m ready.

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