And the obsession continues…

by Jen on March 31, 2008

in Does this baby make me look fat?

I’ve tried not to become overly obsessed by thoughts of the baby’s position. But I am obsessed. I’ve spent countless hours googling terms like “breech head tender uterus,” “frank breech movement” and “breech hiccups.”

Hiccups notwithstanding, I think this little guy is vertex. In fact, in the nomenclature of Spinning Babies, I think he’s LOA (Left Occiput Anterior), which seems to be the best possible position to be in.

The googling all lead to me, over the past several weeks, doing lots of pelvic rocking and even some inversions, before I remembered that the serious foot, ankle and calf swelling I had with the Monkeyboy had lead me to prop my feet and legs up every night while I lay in bed. No swelling this time has meant no propping, a major difference from my last pregnancy when I did it every night from about 24 weeks on. So, back to my version of a slant board it was (different than an inversion, since you’re on your back, but there’s a different principle at work). This also helped me to do some Belly Mapping.

There I was, lying on my bed, feet up on my Liberator Ramp (link is probably not safe for work, unless you have a very liberal workplace), feeling for body parts. (The Monkey wanted to do the same himself, so he used the wedge to prop his own feet up next to me). Verdict: There’s the large lump near my belly button, which I probably wouldn’t be able to identify clearly as either head or butt on its own. There’s another large, hard lump wedged almost behind my pubic bone. But the piece de resistance was the small, hard knob right above the lower lump, which from my research seems to be a shoulder. (If you check out that link, note the excited look on the woman’s face when she feels the shoulder. I bet my face looked much the same).


We’ll see what the professionals have to say at my appointment Wednesday (at 32 weeks).

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