Third Trimester

by Jen on February 27, 2008

in Does this baby make me look fat?

Yesterday I took the oft-dreaded one-hour Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT). The reason most women dread it is because you have to drink a fair-sized glass of thick, extra-sugary orange-flavored glucose beverage. However, since one of the cravings that’s hit by the middle of each of my pregnancies has been orange flavored drinks (very, very orange: like orange Fanta and Tang), I did not look upon this appointment with dread. In fact, when the tech gave me the drink, she also set down a cup of water and said, “to rinse the taste out of your mouth.” I chuckled to myself, thinking of replying, “Oh, I won’t be needing that.”

Today marks the first day of the third trimester; 27 weeks (although some argue that it starts at 28 weeks — I’ll take it). In recognition of that, I broke out the big, full-panel maternity jeans and donned a t-shirt that the Hubster previously told me look “gigantic and sloppy.” Today, he said it just looked “slightly loose.” I have finally come into my own.

My new fear (or new, old fear, I suppose, as it worried me last time for a while) is that the baby won’t be vertex (head down) in time for delivery and I’ll have to have a c-section. The Monkeyboy was cooperative and positioned himself head down fairly early. I think by at least 28 weeks, if not before, he was obviously vertex and stayed head down for the remainder of his tenure in womb.

This baby seems to me to be transverse (where the baby rests in the uterus like it’s a hammock). I seem a little wider across the middle, not in a weight-gained way, but in a bulgy way. I feel kicks or punches everywhere: high, low, left side, right side. When I try to determine the baby’s position, I can’t tell. It’s still kind of early, but the biggest lumps (head and back/butt) don’t seem to be where they should, although they do also seem to change positions from day to day.

Last weekend was the annual Ski Weekend, where a fairly large group of us leave our kids behind and trek to the local mountains to live in sparse accomodations, drink excessively (all except me this year) and even do a little skiing (again, not me). No less than three of our friends are doctors — the real stethoscope wielding kind. Although none of them are OB/GYNs, all three did OB rotations in med school and one is still able to deliver babies (legally certified or however that works). So I asked if they could figure out how the baby was positioned.

They all told me it was still early. However, the consensus was that, although it’s hard to tell at this point (the baby is still small and has a lot of room in there), the baby feels transverse. I’m trying not to worry. I know that as the baby gets larger, the head usually gets heavy enough to convince the baby that head down is the way to go. I’m hoping he doesn’t find the Jimmy-Buffet-lounging-in-a-hammock-under-a-lone-palm mood he’s in to be something he wants to prolong. At my last OB appointment, the PA told me she’s seen babies flip head down as late as 36 weeks. My thought? “Oh, great, that was about two weeks after the Monkeyboy was born.”

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