Sexual Politics

by Jen on February 1, 2008

in Quote of the Month,Rant of the Week

Thoughts of the coming election, mingled with those of parenthood, keep bringing to mind Anne Lamott’s memoir of her son’s first year and this quote from it:

Then I called a woman who went out with him a few years ago and discovered the two most damaging things I can know about a man: one, he voted for both Bush and Reagan, and two, he was very reluctant to give head. Now maybe on a really bad night I would let one of these things go by, but I tell you, if his head wouldn’t go south of my waist and he was up there talking with passion about the thousand points of light, I’d crack. It would be like “Hey, thanks for stopping by, pal, but the thousand points of light are in my pussy.” I don’t want to negotiate the SALT talks just to get a little oral sex. The right guy will love nothing more.

– Anne Lamott, Operating Instructions

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