by Jen on January 9, 2008

in Does this baby make me look fat?

Today I am 20 weeks. The high water mark of pregnancy, both in terms of time frame and, for me, how I feel. With the Monkeyboy, I felt pretty good at twenty weeks, but it went slowly downhill from there. Right now I’m feeling pretty good, but based on experience I assume this is the calm before the storm.

My level II ultrasound was at 18 weeks 1 day. Everything looked good and we were even able to get a shot of the little guy’s naughty bits, although we already knew what model baby we were getting. The one issue of concern for me is that all the measurements the tech took were over 19 weeks; they ranged from 19 weeks 1 day to 19 weeks 5 days. That’s a big baby.

At my next OB appointment (a week from today), I’ll be raising that issue with my doctor. At the Monkeyboy’s delivery he told me (with his hands between my legs), “It’s a mixed blessing that you’re delivering this early, because you’re very small down here.* This birth might not have been so easy if this was an eight pound baby.”

By his due date, the Monkeyboy was eight pounds, three ounces. So now I have the contradictory fears of 1) another premature birth and 2) going to term. I’d rather not be induced if I get that far, but I also don’t want to go to term with a huge baby,** and then push for three hours before having them tell me, “Sorry. Cephalo-pelvic disproportion. Emergency C-section.” If I have to have a C-section this time, I’d rather it be planned.

One of the stressful things about this pregnancy and birth is that I sort of feel like I’ve never done this before. With my first pregnancy, I thought, I could go to term, or I could go over due, who knows? I’ve never done this before. But I still feel that way, except now I think, I could go early, I could go to term, or I could go over due. Who knows? I still feel like the impending birth is a big giant wild card.

*He didn’t seem to find any humor in my “Thanks, that’s what all the guys say” response.
**”Huge” in relation to lil ol‘ me, that is.

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