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by Jen on December 19, 2007

in Does this baby make me look fat?

Just for fun, I’ve decided to add a poll (to the right) as to the sex of the baby. (It’s really to help me bide the time until the amnio results come in.) As of now, I’ve left the poll open until next Thursday, December 27, which is the day of my level II ultrasound, but I reserve the right to close it suddenly whenever amnio results come in if I can’t wait any longer for the big reveal.

If you’ve been reading along, you may have all the clues you need to make your guess. If you’re just joining us, the story thus far:

  • 37 years old (The Hubster: 38)
  • One son, The Monkeyboy (16 cycles + Clomid round 1)
  • TTC#2 (13 cycles + Clomid round 4 + Omega 3-6-9)
  • “Did it” three days in a row (the third being the day of ovulation)
  • High hCG; high progesterone (even beyond what supplemetation levels should have been)
  • Extreme fatigue during first trimester (probably the progesterone)
  • No morning sickness, but nausea in the evening during first trimester
  • Tender breasts (up a cup size+)
  • A few breakouts the first trimester, but that’s stopped (*knock wood*)
  • Heartrate by ultrasound: 12 weeks, 160s; 16 weeks, 150s
  • Heartrate by doppler: 12 weeks, 148; 17 weeks, 142
  • Carrying a little lower than the Monkeyboy, but OB says this is typical for second pregnancies
  • Cravings: Steak and Shake burgers, hardboiled eggs, chocolate (Craved orange flavored stuff with the Monkeyboy and haven’t had that this time; and I always crave chocolate, pregnant or not)
  • Food aversions: ground meat (only in some situations) and chicken (again, only in some situations — mostly just the smell of cooked chicken)
  • Very hungry all the time
  • Gained 9 pounds so far (at 17 weeks)

Please vote. Answer will be revealed no later than December 27.

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