Éste no es el sitio para usted

by Jen on November 30, 2007

in Lyrically Speaking,Soundtrack of My Life

If you’ve landed here looking for the lyrics to Scott Blasey’s song “San Antonio,” I apologize. I’ve learned through StatCounter that a surprising number of people have come here looking for just that (“lyrics San Antonio Scott Blasey,” although not as many as landed here searching for “6dpo” or “Dar Williams setlist”). I did a google search myself to see what was going on and I was surprised to discover that I come up on the first search page because I have the song listed in my most recent playlist on the sidebar.

Again, I apologize. I don’t have the lyrics. He has a website. It’s www.(hisname).com. Email him. His email is scott@(hisname).com. (I’m not linking to it or writing it out because I don’t want him to find out I gave it to you! If you’re not smart enough to decipher the “secret code,” well then… cough cough… I don’t know what to say). But, seriously; he’s a chatty guy, he’s actually very friendly, and he will probably write you back.

And if this is your question, as far as I can tell the line is “Es la chica para usted,” which means “she is the girl for you,” but I could be wrong. I failed eleventh grade Spanish, after all.

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