Nuchal Translucency

by Jen on November 20, 2007

in Does this baby make me look fat?

(And with a few more days off from work, NaBloPoMo has taken another hit. I hate to think what will happen over Thanksgiving Break.)

Yesterday was my First Trimester Screening (nuchal translucency scan and bloodwork), as well as a regular OB appointment.

I’ve never had an ultrasound at 12 weeks, so I was glad to see that the two rocks I had a few weeks back have grown into a baby. The nuchal measurement was 1.5 mm, which is good. Now I’m just waiting to get my own personal risk factor after they process my bloodwork. Not that it matters, because I’ll be calling to schedule my amnio soon anyway, regardless.

The heartrate on the ultrasound was 160 bpm, but later that afternoon when my OB used the doppler, he told the nurse 148. Maybe the baby was taking a nap at the second appointment. I got a prescription for amnio (I didn’t get one last time and don’t think I need it, but took it anyway) and also got the order for my 18 week level II ultrasound, so I can call and schedule it over my Christmas Break and not have to take another day off work (I’m running out).

Since my appointment three weeks ago, I’ve gained another pound and a half. I didn’t want to bother the OB about it, but the next time I go in I’ll see the PA again and I know she’ll humor me and look up my weight gain at various points during my previous pregnancy. I remember being very happy with my rate of weight gain; it never seemed too much or too little. And by the time I delivered at 34 weeks, I had gained 29 pounds. I think if I had gone to term, I would have gained around 35 pounds, which was within the range with which I was comfortable. I just wish I had noted my weight gain somewhere, so I could refer to it now. But I know it’s in my chart and I’ll have to wait to check it there.

Right before I left the doctor’s office, as I was checking out, my OB came back over to me and started flipping through my chart that was lying there on the counter.

“How early did you deliver last time?” He asked, as if he had just remembered that I had delivered prematurely.

“Thirty-four weeks. And five days, I think.” Although I know for sure that it was thirty-four weeks and five days. I’m not sure why I felt I had to be obtuse about it.

“Did we ever determine why?” He was still frantically flipping through my chart. At this point, I gave up any pretense of not knowing for sure the details.

“I came in on October 27 for spotting and contractions, and it turned out I had a yeast infection and BV, which I was treated for, although I hadn’t had any symptoms of either. Then on November 5 my water broke.”

“Well, we’re going to monitor you very closely this time.” He turned to the nurse, “Put a note in her chart to check her for BV at her 20 weeks appointment.”

I didn’t mention that at my first appointment, I had the PA check me for BV and yeast, and she said there was “maybe a tiny bit of bacteria up there, but not much” and gave me a prescription for Flagyl anyway. She told me to wait until I was out of the first trimester until I took it, since some doctors believe it may be associated with birth defects if used then. I still haven’t taken it. I think I’ll start by the fourteenth week, so I know for sure I’m out of the first trimester, no matter how you count, but that it’s done its job by the time I have my amnio.

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