by Jen on October 23, 2007

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Instead of updating my own blog, I’ve been visiting the blogs I read and feeling irritated that they haven’t been updated. Yeah. Umm, okay… that makes sense.

So, in a effort to update my own blog, I thought a short, topic-specific blogroll was in order. Here is my list of Spring Due Dates Blogs — April, May and June* — that I check up on (in no particular order):

Murphy is a Bastard

The Vicious Cycle of Cycles

Vacant Womb – No Vacancy!

Tales From My Dusty Ovaries

Uterus x2

Life as a Sandwich

Our Dance With Infertility

That Was the Plan

Waiting on Two Pink Lines

Just When I Thought I Had It All



Baby Twiglet

Infertility Loss… and Life

Just when I thought I had it all

Having Faith


Fatty Pants

Mrs. Ca

Southern Comfort

Mrs. Spock

Strings and Sealing Wax and Other Fancy Stuff


Just Relax and Try Again

A Single Woman’s Journey to Motherhood

Infertility Sucks!

Still Passing Open Windows…

Slaying, Blogging, Whatever…

Mommin’ It Up!

fun. crazy. life.

Digital Negatives

Healing Arts

Corrie Haffly

Baby Anderson

Anna’s Parapraxis

Life Thru IVF #2

Mama Loves Papa

Mom? Me?


Jen’s Belly Blog

Baby Island

Chicky Chicky Baby


Waiting for Another

A Tale of Two Mamas

Adventures in Parenting

jumping out of trees

Mommies in the making

Nothing Heavy


Waiting on Two Pink Lines

Jen’s Belly Blog

Beaten but not bowed

Life on a Back Road

The Razzberry

The Sawyer Saga

Are we there yet?

Thwarted Repeatedly

It’s Taking a Village

Smart As Allison

The Baby Bug

The crazy life of Jodie

I Don’t Want Sextuplets

Angela’s Daily Struggle


we are fambly

What to Expect When You’re NOT Expecting

At This Point, I’ll Take an Evap – (Nevermind, not anymore!)

This list was complied by my own searching and blogrolls of other blogs I read, as well as some help from Babes in Blogland and The Stirrup Queen’s famous blogroll.

Note: I’ll be back later to add links to those who don’t have them. Some of these are saved on my favorites on my home computer and the stupid firewall here at work blocks Babes in Blogland because it thinks it’s por(no)graphy.


*And, no, not that April, May and June!

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1 Artblog October 26, 2007 at 9:11 am

Hello Jen, Didn’t even know you read my blog :) How you doing?X Artblog

2 Drowned Girl October 31, 2007 at 3:45 pm

Oops, I’d better get updating!x

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