I have tried to like Wilco

by Jen on October 4, 2007

in Soundtrack of My Life

I got an email newsletter recently from one of the many local music venues informing me that Wilco is coming to do a show and I can’t miss it. They seem like an obvious fit for me. I have eclectic taste. I like lots of indie artists. I like the Folk scene. I like Alt-Country. I listen to Ryan Adams, Whiskeytown, Old 97′s, Rhett Miller, etc, etc. Why not Wilco?

I memoed Wilco on Sirius many months ago, so I could familiarize myself with them and maybe pick an album or two to get. Maybe the issue is that Sirius tends to get stuck in a groove and then will play only the same one or two songs of certain artists. (I took the Indigo Girls off memo because all Sirius ever played was “Galileo.”) But none of the Wilco songs I heard struck me. Not stayed with me. I was underwhelmed.

Then last night on an episode of The Bionic Woman, the soundtrack included the song “What Light,” which I immediately identified. I liked it a lot better as the backdrop for the scene than I had the times I’ve heard it on the radio. So now I’m wondering if I could come to like Wilco.

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