Bumpwatch 2007

by Jen on October 3, 2007

in Does this baby make me look fat?

Six weeks pregnant today, but already I’m starting to get a belly. It’s just a little one, and not enough that anyone would really notice if they didn’t know what to look for. However, I’m genetically blessed to have a flat stomach by nature (I’ve got other faults, so simmer down), and that makes it easy for me to notice that I can no longer even suck my stomach flat.

During my first pregnancy, I was able to hide it until into the second trimester. Superstitious by nature, we wanted to keep it secret until we heard the heartbeat (which we are also doing this time). But even then, I kept not wanting to tell people. I was probably fourteen weeks pregnant when we went out on our friends’ boat with a group of people. What tipped the women off wasn’t seeing my pregnant belly in a swimsuit — you could still barely tell — it was that I wasn’t drinking beer and that my breasts had gotten noticeably larger. The school year had ended right at 12 weeks. I was just starting to have to do the rubber band trick on my jeans. I told only a very few friends on the last day of school and as a result, everyone else was shocked when I showed up three months later with a gigantic 25 week belly.

This time however, I’m concerned that I won’t be able to hide it until the end of the first trimester. My first appointment isn’t until ten weeks, so that’s my first goal. I’d just like to get that confirmation before people at work start noticing. I work with mostly women and they seem to be pretty sharp about that sort of thing.

In the morning, my waist looks almost normal, but by evening, I’m very bloated. I’m glad I started to take belly pictures at four weeks. It will be interesting to see the progression.

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