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by Jen on August 24, 2007

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On Wednesday I started back to work (school) and spent some time talking to my friend C. She has a daughter almost exactly 5 months younger than the Monkeyboy. (Born a little after 1 a.m. a day too late. I always tell her, “If you would have just pushed a little harder, they could have been exactly five months apart…”)

She has also been trying to get pregnant again this summer. We teachers always aim for the spring months — April, May and June — because then we can maximize our maternity leave. We don’t really get a lot of other paid days we can take throughout the year, since we have this “built in”vacation. With her daughter, they were successful on month 3 of trying and were lucky enough to have a spring due date. This time they’re on month 3 of trying (in the Two Week Wait right now) for #2. She and her hubby are younger than the Hubster and I and they’re building a house, so financially if they don’t conceive by October they have to take a break until next summer. They just can’t afford for her to take off too much time during the school year. (Her hubby also tends to get seasonally laid off.) I wish her the best. She emailed me about a month ago to tell me she wasn’t pregnant yet (and to ask if I was) and I was so disappointed. She’s one of those people I expect to get pregnant easily, so it’s like, if she can’t…

After talking to her a bit, getting her take on things, I decided to call my OB (I wish I could come up with a cool nom de guerre for him like other blogs do for their doctors, but I haven’t been able to come up with anything that fits yet). I thought that although he originally said he’d only let me do three cycles of Clomid before referring me to an RE, the fact that I had that early miscarriage in July might make a difference. I mean, it shows that Clomid works for me and that I can get pregnant.

So I called him on Wednesday, spoke to the nurse and left a message. I never heard back. I called on Thursday and spoke to the nurse again. I explained I had already left a message the day before. She remembered and was surprised he hadn’t called me back already. I explained that I was at that moment on Cycle Day 3 and if he would let me do another Clomid cycle I needed to start that day. I explained how I wondered if my miscarriage made a difference when it came to the “three cycles” deal. She put me on hold and when she came back said that, although the doctor was doing surgery, she spoke to the PA (who I love!) and the PA said that “it was not unreasonable to think that they’d let you [me] do another cycle or two of Clomid, because of the miscarriage.” And that the doctor would call me back when he got out of surgery.

Which he didn’t do.

This morning, my nerves stretched taught like a bowstring (after quietly crying myself to sleep last night), I called again. The nurse was surprised (again!) that he hadn’t called me back. She said that he was due in the office at 10:30 and promised that he would call me this morning.

Let me just say, I was so irritated that I almost made an RE appointment before he even had a chance to call me back. That’s how sure I was that his not calling me back was a reflection of his unwillingness to let me cycle again. But I told myself: “This is an OB/GYN in a solo practice (Yes, very rare in this day and age, but you know exactly who will have his hand(s) up your hoo-ha at your delivery). Maybe he was at a delivery or some other emergency last night. See what he has to say.”

I’m so very glad I waited.

He called (a little after 11:00) and said that yes, it made complete sense to do another cycle of Clomid. I had a clear HSG. I had gotten pregnant on Clomid, but it just hadn’t stuck. It was working. So we could do another cycle. He also explained that when he said three cycles, he was saying he didn’t want to waste my time if it wasn’t working. I was 37, not 27… and that makes a lot of difference.

I agree. During my wait for his call, I checked out the CDC statistics for the fertility clinic I’m considering. Did you know that when they compute success rates, they group patients into categories by age and those age groups are:

  • <35
  • 35-37
  • 38-40
  • 41-42

I was surprised that 37 was a “cut off” for an age group. My doctor explain that just as there’s a drop in fertility at age 35, there’s another serious drop at 37. So, he said diplomatically, time is of the essence.

I may make an appointment with the RE anyway, just in case there’s a waiting list. And to get the preliminary tests out of the way. But for now, I’m cycling again. This cycle, because of the delay, I’m doing 50 mgs of Clomid days 4-8 (instead of 3-7) and foregoing the Estradiol because he “doesn’t think that it’s important.” (Okay, whatever, he’s the one with the M.D). I’m still going to use Prochieve after O.

And the most wonderful news of all: When I went to pick up my prescription, there were two refills. That made me the happiest of all.

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