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by Jen on August 21, 2007

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The third and final cycle of Clomid was a bust. (My period just started as I was writing this. Yay.) I’ve been posting on message boards asking for help navigating insurance and references for a doctor, since it looks like I’m moving on to a Reproductive Endocrinologist.

When I put in my temp yesterday, Fertility Friend took away my crosshairs and said it couldn’t determine a clear ovulation date. To restore my O date, I had to go in and exclude one pre-O temp that was very high (because of the Clomid maybe?) and one post-O temp that was very low (I’ve been sleeping with my mouth open because of my allergies). Still, it’s just one more thing that makes me wonder what’s going on with my cycles.

Things I’m also doing different, while I wait for an RE appointment:

Ordered a Clearblue Fertility Monitor off eBay. I figured it can’t hurt and might help me make sense of my cycles. I thought I knew what was going on with my body, until the Ovusoft software made me question what I thought I knew. Because I’m such a control freak, though, I still plan on using OPKs. Shhh… don’t tell The Hubster. He thinks this will save me money in the long run from not having to buy OPKs. He also isn’t aware that the monitor takes sticks which are more expensive than my internet cheapie OPKs.

Started Vaginal Temping. I haven’t been taking my allergy medicines (yes, that’s a S — there are several I take) because of this whole TTC thing, so I’ve really been suffering this summer. I’ve also been sleeping with my mouth open and my temps have been really kerflooey. I’ve resisted vaginal temping, not because I’m squeamish (nothing could be further from the truth), but because it seems like a little more of a pain …and it seems a little weird, too. But to sort out the temp confusion, I ordered a new BD Basal Thermometer and started vaginal temping a couple of days ago. I’m still oral temping, too, for comparison. That’s a whole lotta beeping going on in the morning.

Started Taking Omega 3-6-9. Yes, this is one of those kooky things that people suggest on message boards, but what can it hurt? I’ve taken Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) in the past to try to increase my CM and I think I remember it working, but it’s not safe to take after O (can cause uterine contractions). Also, you can’t take it with Clomid. Omega 3-6-9 has moved up the O date of some women who are later-ovulators or even annovulatory, so I figured it’s worth a shot.

I have some phone calls I still need to make to find an RE, although I already have an idea of where I’ll go. But since I know several people who’ve used REs in the past five years, I thought I’d ask them all what they thought before making a final decision. I also have to check with our insurance to see what exactly is covered and what is excluded (“assisted fertilization” is excluded, but what exactly do they mean by that?).

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