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by Jen on August 21, 2007

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There are so many types of lists I could be referring to, but this one is the Friends-inspired list of celebrities you’re allowed to sleep with and no one can get mad, even if you’re already in a relationship. I personally have spun off that theme into two levels, Top 5 and Bottom 5 based on different qualifications. I have some very specific requirements, but this is my fantasy, after all.

Top 5
My Top 5 are celebrities that I think are really smart, cool and interesting:

  • Lance Armstrong
  • Dave Grohl (with the short hair and stubbly beard he’s had since around 2002 when One by One came out)
  • John Corbett (circa Northern Exposure, or even his second round as Aiden on Sex and the City)
  • Edward Norton
  • Keanu Reeves (Yes, I know, there’s all the “Is he really gay? controversy, but ever since Point Break, I’ve had this thing for him. He must have short hair, though, if he’s going to git wit me.)

Bottom 5
This is sort of the “alternates” list. For The Hubster, I always tell him it’s where he should put women who can substitute in case one of his Top 5 is unable to fulfill her duties (for example, if she’s pregnant). For me, these are celebrities that I’d like to sleep with, but that aren’t allowed to talk because they’d probably annoy me. You know what I mean, they have to come over after 9 p.m. and aren’t allowed to still be there in the morning (definitely must qualify as hot to make this list):

  • Ryan Reynolds (with the body he had in Blade III)
  • Taye Diggs (Did you know his real first name is Scott and that “Taye” is a shortened form of the nickname “Scottaye?”)
  • Heath Ledger

(That’s all I can think of right now for my Bottom 5. I’m just too damn picky.)

A third list, just for fun, is my “Fictional Characters” list. These are fictional characters that I’d like to date. Not the actors that play them, just the characters they play (but I guess in that case, I’d have to be a fictional character, too).

  • Dr. John Carter (ER)
  • Josh Lyman (The West Wing)

One additional note. Unlike the traditional “laminated list” (which cannot be changed), The Hubster and I frequently change our list (especially our Bottom 5, which pretty much has a revolving door). However, any changes must be announced well in advance. I’ve already told him that it won’t work to walk in somewhere and say “Hey-there’s-Eva-Longoria-oh-yeah-she’s-on-my-list” if it’s the first time you’ve mentioned her. It goes against the whole essence of the list.

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