Cycle News*

by Jen on August 12, 2007

in Teenagers make it look so easy

Where I’m at: CD21, 6DPO
Cycle # 3 of Clomid, Estradiol and Progesterone.

The Hubster and I only had to attempt procreative sex twice while at the crowded beach house, but I didn’t actually O until a few days after we came home, so we were able to make our best attempts at home.

For obvious reasons, I’m not feeling optimistic. This is the last cycle my OB will let me do with him. He’s referring me to an RE after this. I don’t know how we would begin to afford this, after all the financial difficulties we’ve experienced recently.

That’s where it stands. I go this coming Friday (the 17) for bloodwork.

*And no, I do not mean Cycle News.

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