Dar Williams

by Jen on August 11, 2007

in Soundtrack of My Life

Last night Dar Williams played a free concert at a nearby outdoor amphitheater. Since it was a nice family-friendly venue, we decided to go and take the Monkeyboy (to save the money we’d have paid a babysitter). Also, it would be his first concert and I thought it was a good choice of artist, venue and crowd for that.

The show was excellent, and though the turn out was good, it wasn’t crowded. Many people brought children or dogs (or children and dogs), and everyone had food and drink. The Hubster was disappointed that he hadn’t brought any beer, since although it was not technically permitted, everyone had alcohol, some even had wine in wineglasses. The crowd was mellow, so security didn’t seem to care.

On the drive there, we debated what we thought she’d play and what we hoped she’d play. the Hubster said he was sure she’s play The Babysitter’s Here and The Christians and the Pagans. I agreed, and she did. He wanted to hear Spring Street and Iowa and he did (Iowa was the encore). I wanted to hear As Cool As I Am (yes!) and What Do You Hear in These Sounds (no –bummer). One newer song I hadn’t heard (we haven’t bought her new album yet) was Teen for God. She also played the Mercy of the Fallen and Are you Out There. This is by far not a complete set list; I can’t remember everything she played.

There was a group of women and children up front that screamed and danced and had a great time, which Dar seemed to enjoy. When she discussed her DVD, she said it made her aware that she talks a lot during her sets, maybe too much, but the yelling and clapping that followed that statement showed that the crowd didn’t agree. When that happened she laughed and thanked everyone for the sentiment.

Although the show didn’t even start until the Monkeyboy’s bedtime, he was a trooper throughout. He enjoyed himself, had some snacks, met some dogs and did some dancing, even if he didn’t pay too much attention to Dar herself.

The crowd was nice, clean and polite. And although we left quickly when it ended, I bet there wasn’t any litter.

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