Still Rippin'

by Jen on July 24, 2007

in Soundtrack of My Life,Whatcha readin'?

Ripping our CD collection to put on our iPods is almost a full time job. And just when I feel like I’ve made some headway… Two trips to Half Price Books equals fourteen new CDs.

We also have decided to rip some of our audiobooks for our upcoming vacation. We’re developing quite a collection that we usually save for long roadtrips. First up: Lisey’s Story by Stephen King. Neither the Hubster or I have read the book so we decided it was perfect for our upcoming vacation. The wonderful thing about Stephen King’s audiobooks is that they’re unabridged. The only audiobooks that I am willing to buy that are abridged are Bill Bryson’s stuff, because some of it doesn’t come unabridged and he’s just so damn entertaining.

We leave tomorrow for two nights/three days at our friends’ lake house and then return home for a frenzy of laundry and repacking to leave the next pre-dawn morning for the Outer Banks. So, a blogging hiatus of sorts is about to commence. Back in August!

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