by Jen on July 23, 2007

in Teenagers make it look so easy

The rollercoaster ride is over. I started bleeding full force this morning, so I called my doctor’s office to see if he’d let me do another Clomid cycle right away. They finally called me back and said they were calling in my prescriptions. Yay!

One positive thing about this is that it pushed the current cycle back a week, so I won’t be ovulating while we’re in the Outer Banks with my my entire cadre of in-laws. That was going to have been fun, trying to conceive while living in a house with eight other adults and four children.

If this cycle works (and I’m praying that it does — big talk for an atheist!), I’d have a due date of the end of April (depending on when I actually ovulate). That would be perfect, since I’m just about out of days to take at work. If we move to more advanced treatments and end up conceiving later, I’m not sure how that will work out regarding maternity leave and childcare. I hate the thought of putting a tiny baby into daycare. We were able to wait until the Monkey was six months before he had to go to daycare. I know my other-in-law would probably be willing to come stay with us again for a while, but I’d like that to be no more than a month, not the three months she did last time. (I’m not even sure we could convince her to stay that long again, anyway.)

One final note: The 16DPO beta was 9.1.

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