Now With All of the Nausea But None of the Baby!

by Jen on July 21, 2007

in Teenagers make it look so easy

I didn’t hear from the doctor last night and I’m not sure if I’ll hear from him over the weekend. I doubt it. It looks like I have to wait until Monday for the official word and to discuss what’s going to happen.

I took another Dollar Store test this morning and it was negative. Seriously stark white. Whatever HCG there was in my system has obviously dropped below a level detectable by home tests (so below about 25).

I’m still not spotting or anything. I haven’t taken any more progesterone (since the tube I used on Thursday after talking to the doctor and getting the positive tests). The really crummy part of all this is I feel like shit. I’m exhausted, my breasts are really sore, I’m crampy and nauseated. This situation hasn’t even progressed enough to be considered hell; I’m in purgatory.

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