No News Is Not Good New In This Case

by Jen on July 20, 2007

in Teenagers make it look so easy

I’m really not feeling optimistic, because I took another two HPTs this morning (another Dollar Store one and a cheapie strip from They weren’t any darker (maybe even lighter?). With the Monkey, I got a positive test at 12DPO and the tests got darker every day. It just seems that by 16DPO, if this one was going to stick, it’d be progressing more. That first beta was on Monday and it’s Friday now, so if it was doubling I’d think I’d show pretty dark on HPTs by now, since most of them detect anything over 25.

They didn’t draw my blood for my second beta until a little after 11 a.m., so who knows if I’ll hear back today. When I got home this afternoon, I took another FRER and an old-style (two-piece) Clear Blue Easy digital (one that was left from the two-pack from when I got pg with the Monkey, and it expired after this month anyway). The line on the FRER came up within the time but was definitely lighter than last night and the digital said “Not Pregnant” (I’ve read that the old style are sensitive to 50). If this pregnancy was progressing the way it should, my hCG level should be around at least 250.

I’m wondering what my doctor’s going to make me do now. I was supposed to start my third round of Clomid, but until I bleed, I’m in limbo. I really hope he doesn’t make me take a break, because I only have two more chances to conceive to have a spring baby. I really was hoping we’d have a workable due date. If I don’t get pregnant within the next two or three cycles, we’ll have to take a few months break (maybe even as much as six) because we won’t be able to afford maternity leave that doesn’t use part of the summer.

I really, really want to get on with this. I wish the doctor would call so we could discuss the plan. I wish I would start bleeding so I could move onto the next cycle.

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