Okay, I May Have (Inadvertently) Lied A Little Bit…

by Jen on July 19, 2007

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I’d like to type the F word about ten times in a row right now.

Okay, I will.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. (Yes, I know that was only seven, but it just seemed right)

On Monday, 12 Days Past Ovulation, I went in for my beta hCG, but of course I Peed On A Stick* (POAS) first. Big Fat Negative.

So the next day (13DPO), I POAS again, still BFN, and stopped my progesterone. I waited for my doctor to call so we could talk about going on to my third (and final) round of Clomid. That day I didn’t hear from the doc.

14DPO: POAS again, BFN. (Well, I’d been getting wicked evaporation lines on everything for days, but they were showing up way after the time, like an hour later, so I ignored them). Still didn’t hear from my doctor’s office. AF hasn’t shown either.

15 DPO (today): POAS; BFN again. So I called my doctor’s office and spoke to the nurse about getting a refill for Clomid and the other stuff I’m on. Lied and told her it was CD1 (Where the hell is AF anyway? I thought). She said she’d check with the doc or the PA and call it in this afternoon. (Still getting those evaps on everything, but not until after the ten minute limit).

At 6:30 tonight, my doctor called. Asked if I was bleeding heavily. I told him no, I just assumed AF would start today, because I feel crampy (true), but that I’m not bleeding at all. He said my 12DPO beta was 11. He considers 10 pregnant, but told me that 11 isn’t good (duh) and wants me to come in for a repeat beta tomorrow morning. (He said, “Don’t celebrate yet. We need to see what your numbers do and if you’ll miscarry.” Blunt guy, I know, but his direct honesty is one of the things I like about him).

Of course, I run and POAS (Dollar Store, First Response Early Result and Answer) and all come up faintly + within the time limit.


I didn’t tell my doctor that I stopped progesterone, but I did run and take some after all of this.

Of course, I checked Betabase and by their reports, it’s not completely dismal. But it’s not good enough to be called even mildly “okay,” either. Come on, a beta hCG of 11 at 12 DPO? It’s got to be a chemical pregnancy. I refuse to get my hopes up.

*(Well, I actually PIAC (pee in a cup) and dip the stick, but it doesn’t have the cute, recognizable message board acronym).

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